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Hunger Strike

Sign up on our Hunger Strike Calendar at Hungry4Peace.org

We need your support! Will you spread the word about our hunger strike ?
Will any of 
your members join our hunger strike? We need a strong grassroots
effort to move toward a nuclear-weapons free world!

 Hear Alaric speak on KPFK Pacifica’s Sojourner Truth program
(The interview starts at 7 minutes in.)

Sign up to participate in the hunger strike!
Please specify dates that you are available. The hunger strike starts on July 16th.
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Alaric Balibrera, Santa Fe     July 16 – ? Ongoing
Mark Koenig, Santa Fe     21 days
Pam Gilchrist, Santa Fe     21 days
Marcus Page-Collonge, Albuquerque     21 days
Anonymous, Santa Fe     7 days
Jackie Dulle, Santa Fe     2 days
Fr. Earl Rohleder, Santa Fe     2 days
Ann Feighny, Santa Fe    2 days
Lisa Hedley, Santa Fe     6 days
Barb O’Connor, Santa Fe     2 days
Flor, Santa Fe,     2 days
Sandra Herald, Jemez Springs     1 day
Diane Lopez Hughes, Springfield, Ill     7 days
Lee  Mickey,   North Liberty, Iowa     1 day
Tina Olsen, Santa Fe     1 day
Sr. Sue Miller, Fort Leavenworth, KS     3 days
Nona Gregg, Santa Fe     3 days
Mariana Pascuzzi
Joan Alessi, Santa Fe     3 days
Rachel Bliven, France     ?
Ellie Voutselas, Santa Fe     7 days
Malathy Drew     Aug 3-6
Linda Young, Santa Fe     July 19-26
Neil     July 16 – ?
Elizabeth Christine     July 16 – ?
Elaine Paredes, Las Cruces     July 16-17
Michele Victoria
Mark Barkholtz
Brad Laughlin
Leslie Temple-Thurston



Dear Friends and Colleagues in the Movement for Peace,

Why do we still have nuclear weapons on high alert nearly 25 years
after the end of the Cold War? Why are Los Alamos National Laboratory
(LANL) and seven other facilities in the nuclear weapons complex still
engaged in research and production of nuclear weapons? Isn’t it

To protest our national investment in these genocidal weapons, I am
staging a hunger strike beginning July 16th, (anniversary of the first
detonation at Trinity site), through August 3-6, in concert with
Hiroshima-Nagasaki commemorative events planned by NukeFreeNow in
collaboration with Nuclear Watch New Mexico, Pax Christi, Occupy Santa
Fe, Veterans for Peace NM, and others.

Ten other people have already committed to join me in this hunger
strike; we hope for more. While I will be striking at Ashley Pond in
the heart of Los Alamos, others will strike in Santa Fe, Albuquerque,
and Los Angeles. Will others show up in New York? DC? Moscow?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Will some of your members join us?

While some in this country seem to have forgotten the horrors of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, those of us who came of age in this “atomic
city” and others like it throughout the country know just how bizarre
and frightening it is to live in the shadow of the bomb.

I grew up in Los Alamos. From 1967 to 1982 my father was the film
documentarian for the Laboratory. He made documentaries about the
Manhattan Project and the men who created the Atomic Age. He often
invited friends – including Nobel Laureates and famous physicists – to
our home for screenings. For many years I regularly witnessed images
of mushroom clouds exploding on my living room wall.

I remember how strange it was to ride the school bus past life-size
models of Little Boy and Fat Man; to have fathers who worked at the
Lab and couldn’t talk about what they did; of having to be careful not
to touch discarded ordnance while out playing; and to realize now that
the canyons and streams of my childhood are still contaminated with
waste from nuclear weapons research and production. Many of the
children who played in the canyons, especially from the early days of
the Project, developed cancers from the pretty streams. I wonder how
my generation will fare.

Now, nearly seven decades after the Bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and
Nagasaki, it’s time that citizens around the world let our governments
know that we are tired of living with the threat of nuclear war as
well as the poisons from their production. While billions of dollars
are still being invested in nuclear weapons, (and while corporations
like Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, and Northrup Grumman profit
enormously), social programs languish and education struggles.

Per capita Los Alamos is the 2nd richest community in the United
States, yet the surrounding counties have the highest child poverty
rates in the country. It’s time we turned our priorities around!

Therefore, we strike. Here are our demands:

1)      We call for a meeting with our Congressional representatives, and
with LANL Director Charles McMillan to share our concerns and our
commitment to progressively transform all nuclear weapons work at LANL
to clean-up, remediation, and other life-affirming sciences.
2)      We call for the creation of thousands of jobs in New Mexico to
decontaminate our water and our land, which will provide steady work
to thousands of people for decades to come.
3)      Due to violations of seismic safety at LANL (non-compliance with
Executive Order 12699), repetitive and ongoing threat of large-scale
tragedy by fire, and the presence of contamination in our drinking
water, we call for the permanent cancellation of all plans to build
the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) facility and
a moratorium on all work that employs plutonium or other Special
Nuclear Materials.
4)      We demand LANL’s compliance with the New Mexico Environment
Department’s Consent Order of 2005 that requires the closure of
Technical Area G where 42,000 barrels of radioactive wastes are stored
in fabric tents less than a mile from the town of White Rock.
5)      New Mexico residents who have suffered illness and loss of loved
ones as a result of our state’s nuclear weapons activities must be
recognized and compensated; therefore we support the proposed
amendments to the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) in SB 291
(HT 1490), introduced by New Mexico Senators Udall and Bingaman and
Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, and we call for a hearing to move this legislation
6)      Finally we call for A Change of Heart. A world of peace and beauty
is possible. We call for our scientists to use their brilliance to
create this world, to nurture and enrich life. Science is
possibilities, therefore we call for a Vision of Possibilities: clean
energy, health and safety, freedom from want, etc. Quantum physics
revealed the Enlightenment paradigm of separateness to be an illusion.
We are all interdependently connected. In recognition of this, we call
on Charles McMillan to present us with a Proposal of Vision for the
future of science in Los Alamos, specifying how LANL can progressively
transform all its life-injurious programs to life-sustaining programs.

We believe this hunger strike will help call awareness to the mounting
crisis that threatens all nations on this planet earth. We know you
have been active for many years and we appreciate your work. Thanks to
you the global nuclear dialogue is steadily moving forward.

Please let me know how we can work with you towards our shared goal.
Friend us on Facebook at Hunger Strike Los Alamos 2012. “The People
united can never be defeated!” Let’s make 2012 the year the world turned toward peace.

Alaric Balibrera, Hunger Striker

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